Women’s Legal Service

Women’s Legal Service Tasmania provides a statewide service for women in relation to family law, separation and divorce, property settlements, family violence, child support and child protection.  Women’s Legal Service Tasmania is a community legal service funded by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department.  The service operates a free and statewide service, with offices in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston. Women’s legal service provides

Web Address: http://www.womenslegaltas.org.au

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Making a will for someone with a disability

There are no hard and fast rules about making adequate provision for disabled children, but parents should be wary of only making a small provision for their disabled child. Parents sometimes do this because they feel that their disabled child is permanently placed in an institution or other residential facility, and that the child has modest needs. It is impossible

Guardianship and Administration Board

The Guardianship and Administration Board respect the rights of people with disabilities to make their own decisions wherever possible, and when it is not possible, to ensure that fair, impartial and competent decisions can be made on their behalf.

Organisation Address: 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Phone: 1300 799 625

Web Address: http://www.guardianship.tas.gov.au/

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Disability Discrimination

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 makes discrimination on the basis of disability unlawful in employment, access to premises, education, provision of goods, services and facilities, and many other activities.

Organisation Address: 166 Macquarie Street, Hobart, TAS, 7000, Australia

Phone: (03) 6223 2500

Web Address: https://www.hobartlegal.org.au/handbook/rights-disability-and-access/discrimination/federal-human-rights-framework/disability-discrimination/

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Carers Allowance

You may be entitled to a Carer Payment if you provide constant care or supervision to an adult or child with a disability or terminal illness.