CatholicCare Tas

CatholicCare Tasmania responds to individuals, families, and the community by offering a broad range of specialised professional services available to all. Their particular strength is in their family focused, child centred approach, recognising that whatever impacts on family, also impacts on children.

Abuse in State Care Support Service

The Abuse in State Care Support Service has been established by the State Government to provide support to people who experienced abuse in State care when they were children. The Service aims to assist people to overcome the impacts of the abuse and improve their life circumstances.


When a child’s biological parents are not able to, or don’t want to look after a child, they can give all the rights and responsibility of that child to other parents; this is called adoption. The child that is adopted will have the same rights as if they were a biological child of the new parents.

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Family Court of Australia

The Family Court of Australia, through its specialist judges and staff, assists Australians to resolve their most complex legal family disputes. The Family Court is a superior court of record established by Parliament in 1975 under Chapter 3 of the Constitution and deals with more complex matters. These may include: Parenting cases including those that involve a child welfare agency and/or

Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility is the responsibility of a parent to make decisions to make sure a children’s needs are met. For example, parental responsibility refers to all duties, powers, and responsibilities which by law each parent has in relation to their children until the children reach the age of 18.

Births, Deaths, and Marriages (DOJ)

The Tasmanian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is responsible for: maintaining registers of births, deaths, marriages, deeds of relationship and adoptions that occur in Tasmania registering changes of name for people who were born or reside in Tasmania registering changes of sex for people whose birth is registered in Tasmania providing certified copies and extracts of entries in the registers providing data to Government Agencies and approved private organisations for